The perfect chill-out music. From Little Dragon’s 2009 album Machine Dreams, comes ‘Feather’. Out of this world. Relax dammit!


into the galaxy

Going back to 2007 here, with Melbourne’s own Midnight Juggernauts. From their debut album Dystopia, Into the Galaxy was an instant hit for the band. The synths are freakin’ amazing! Definitely a bit of David Bowie in there as well. Interestingly, they made two videos clips for Into the Galaxy. Don’t know why. This is the latter of the two. Enjoy.


If there’s one thing I’ve taken from high school, it’s a quote that was drilled into us in English class.

“Any ideology that needs to attack the thing that least threatens it, is an ideology that wont outlive it’s own generation. Inclusion, not exclusion, is the key to survival” – The Power of One.

When you look at it, it’s true in so many cases, but not all.