melbourne town hall

Melbourne Town Hall was a short series in 2012 looking at documentary photography. My intention was look at how and why we document things. I have a fascination with architecture, as it can provide an escape from modernity. You can immerse yourself within a building, and be momentarily taken to a different time. Documentary photography aims to be as objective as possible. I believe objectivity in photography is an impossibility. No matter how hard you try, there will always be some subconscious and unintentional bias, something thats excluded, and something thats deliberately shown. My aim was to document a space with the priority of enhancing its scope for print. When you look at a photograph, you lose the ability to move within the space, to alter your view and to be immersed. In this series I have structured the images to allow the viewer to change perspective, without the distortion associated with panoramics. The dynamic range has been enhanced through bracketing to increase the impact and awe of physically being in the space.

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