eugene atget

Eugene Atget was a French photographer, who only came to artistic fame after his death in 1927. A great deal of his work revolved around the documentation of Parisian architecture and streets. His images have a unique quality to them, often appearing slightly surreal or ethereal. Bright areas of his photographs are usually blown out, which creates a curious heavenly sense to the imagery. This was actually due to the combination of his camera, and the film available at the time. He almost exclusively shot during the early morning, as his exposures would take so long, the hustle and bustle of turn-of -the-century Paris would blur and spoil the documentary aspects of the image.


Christopher Rauschenberg is an American photographer who I recently stumbled upon whilst doing some reading on Eugene Atget. In the 1990’s, Rauchenberg traveled to Paris and visited locations Atget used in his prominent Parisian photography. In 2007, he released a book titled ‘Paris Changing’, comparing Atget’s original photographs with his own photographs he took in the 90’s in the same location as Atget. Its a really interesting comparison of how time can change so much. I find it can become almost a game of ‘Spot the Difference’. Although, it can sometimes be quite disappointing to see what has been lost.



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