andreas gursky

Andreas Gursky is a German photographer, known for his large format architectural and landscape photographs. He employs a sometimes extreme degree of manipulation to his prints in order to increase the scope of his subject matter.

“Since 1992 I have consciously made use of the possibilities offered by electronic picture processing, so as to emphasise formal elements that will enhance the picture, or, for example, to apply a picture concept that in real terms of perspective would be impossible to realise” – Andreas Gursky

His prints are almost exclusively printed in large scale, often several meters in length and width. When viewed in person, these prints are so vast and detailed that every individual movement and gesture within a scene can be clearly noticed. Much of his work is based on his own interpretation of a scene. For example, Rhein II, which is currently the worlds most expensive photograph selling at US$4.3 million, is actually a  manipulation based on his memories of the Rhine river as a child.


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